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17500kVA Cast Resin Dry Type Transformer for Malaysia power plant

17500kVA Cast Resin Dry Transformer Technical Datasheet
Transformer Type Cast Resin Dry type Transformer 
Manufacture Standard IEC60076
Rated Capacity(kVA) 17500
Primary Voltage (kV) 33
Secondary Voltage(kV) 11
Cooling Way AN/AF
Vector Group Dyn11
Temperature rise 125K
Insulation class H-CLASS
Impedance 10%
Winding Material Copper/Copper
Insulation media Resin Casting


The core is manufactured from cold-rolled grain oriented (CRGO) silicon steel. The steel sheets are cut into required dimensions on automated machines thereby ensuring reduced air gap low exciting current and low noise. Each lamination is insulated from each other to ensure a long trouble-free lifetime of the core. Using 45° stepping all leaning lamination way to laminate. So the no-load current are reduced efficiently.

LV winding is manufactured with high quality foil conductor or copper wire and the ampere-turn is balanceable. The additional loss is low and the ability of anti-short is improved. Oil drawings of heat dispersion are scientifically used in the winding and the surface of heat dissipation is increased so the temperature is reduced and the ability of over-load is improved.
HV winding is manufactured with high quality copper wire and excellent design structure. It improves the distribution of electric field. With lighting impulse analysis the ability of anti-lighting impulse has been improved.

Temperature controller
Cooling fans
IP20-IP54 protective enclosure

C2/E2/E1 test report
Aging test report
Aseismatic test report