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Oil-immersed power transformer

  • Oil-immersed power transformer

Product background
➢ Standard: IEC60076
➢ Voltage: 11-230kV
➢ Capacity: 50Kva~180MVA
➢ Winding material: Copper
➢ Core material: Silicon Steel
➢ Cooling way: ONAN/ONAF
➢ Vector group:  Dyn11
➢ Temperature rise : 60/65K
➢ Insulation class: A-Class
➢ Impedance: 4-12%

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Oil-immersed Power Transformer Technical Datasheet
Transformer Type Oil-immersed power Transformer 
Manufacture Standard IEC60076
Rated capacity 50Kva~180MVA
Primary Voltage (kV) 11~230kV
Secondary Voltage(kV) 0.4~11kV
Cooling Way ONAN/ONAF
Vector Group Dyn11/YNd11
Temperature rise 60/65K
Insulation class A-CLASS
Impedance 4-12%
Winding Material Copper/Copper
Insulation media Mineral Oil comply with IEC

Product Features
1. Long life cycle
2. Hign insulation level
3. Oil leak proof design
4. Excellent control for cooling
5. Reasonabkle accessories selection
6. Strong short circuit  withstand ability
7. Low loss, Low noise, Free maintenance 

Advanced Design
1. Adopting the art standard three dimesion design software to produce correct and complete engineering documentation.
2.  Adopting the craft of  high frequency -welding and winding-Hydraulic compaction to  improve short  circuit ability. 
3. Adopting the craft of core Hydraulic compaction to improve the strength of core for reducing the noise level.
4.  Designing the transformer base on  the worst short circuit conditions for avoiding short circuit issue.
5. Adopting Electric Stress field calculation program to guarentee insulation level.
6. Adopting high quality rubber gaskets in groove for leak.

Quality Assurance
1. Adopting the Quality Control Verification Card to control quality in the whole manufacturing operations.
2. Strictly selecting the transformer raw material and the suppliers of accessories in domestic and abroad.
3. All transformers get authentication of ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 AND CE.
4. Comprehensive Training for workes and staffs to improve service quality.

Product Engineering