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Rail Transit

  • Rubin High-speed Civilized Station

    Rubin High-speed Civilized Station

  • Guangzhou Metro

    Guangzhou Metro

● Beijing Metro Line 3, Line Six, Line 9, Line 10, Line 14, Line S1.
● Chongqing Urban Rail Transit Line 1, Line 3, Line 9.
● Changsha Metro Line 1 Medium-voltage Inverter-type Regenerative Brake Suction Device
● Changsha Guangyi Tram Project
● Guangzhou Metro Corporation, Line 9, from Lianquanshan Station to Gongyuan Station,  from Ma’anshan Station to Gongyuan Station.
● Guangzhou Metro Line 6, Cultural Park Station Permanent Relocation of Electrical House Project.
● Shenzhen Urban Rail Transit Line 6 Project
● Lanzhou Metro Line 1
● State Power Investment Corp. of Jinchi Rail Project
● National Railway Bus System Integration Engineering Technology Research Center-Test Data Center Project