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Pearl Electric successfully won the bid for China Mobile Dry Transformer Centralized Purchase Project

Posted: 2018-03-14

After winning the bid for China Unicom's centralized procurement projects, the company’s sales force has continued to successfully bid for China Mobile's centralized procurement of dry transformers for the 2017-2018 period. It has achieved over 30% of the project procurement share with the advantage of first place in overall performance.
In order to deepen the development of special markets, the company’s leaders adjusted the sales structure according to the actual market conditions, established special sales teams such as communications specializations, optimized sales resources, encouraged sales personnel to make progress, and opened up new territories. Under the meticulous layout, through the intensive cultivation of the company's sales staff, the special markets have successively received good news. The bid for the China Mobile bidding project is a gratifying achievement of the company's sales policy, which further adds to the performance of the company's communications market. China Mobile, as a leading company in the domestic communications market, has strict requirements on suppliers' qualifications. It is not easy to achieve this result. This further enhances the confidence of the sales force and provides a good opportunity for more in-depth cooperation with China Mobile. .
Sales is an important bargaining chip for the stable development of the company. In the increasingly fierce market competition, we do not advance. With the strong support of the company's leadership, the sales staff have full confidence. We will not forget the initial intentions, continue to move forward, further consolidate and expand the business of special markets, and further expand the sales territory of the Pearl.
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